Scott Fannin

Vice President of Product Management-Interoperability,Greenway Health


Scott Fannin is Greenway Health’s Vice President of Product Management for Interoperability, responsible for planning and executing the company’s many interoperability initiatives to improve data liquidity across the healthcare system to improve care coordination and outcomes.

Mr. Fannin was formerly Greenway Health™ Vice President of Consumer Services, managing research and development activity for the company’s consumer services’ offerings such as its patient-engagement portal, Greenway Link™ (formerly PeopleLYNK) consumer communications solution and other consumer-facing products and services.

Mr. Fannin previously served Greenway Health as Vice President of On-Demand Services, and has also been a Greenway Prime Suite® Software Developer, Product Design Director, and Prime Patient® Director.

Prior to joining Greenway® in early 1999, Mr. Fannin worked as a Software Developer at Indigo Moon Productions, where he developed the game engine and graphical user interface for an online, multi-player video game.

Mr. Fannin received Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Economics from Bucknell University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky.